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Willard has live ghost cams so you can find a ghost too. Nick baker crosses some of the world s most treacherous seas as his mission to get close to some of the wildest animals on earth takes him to antarctica. Willard child librarian rhonda mort reads a book named snowball fight. It was his custom to come into the library very early in the morning, particularly during the winter, to stoke the furnace. I can see why this book would be a prime candidate for film. Aug 11, 2015 willard library ghost willard library in evansville, indiana is reportedly haunted by a spirit known as the grey lady. Jason morgan, author of a dog called hope, this years battle creek reads selection. Here at the willard elementary school library we are fortunate to have a lovely and comprehensive collection of books for our students to enjoy and use for research and study purposes. Spot the spirits at willard library with their 24 hour. That morning, the custodian spotted, the grey lady, a spirit that was haunting the library. The library, housed in a beautiful victorian gothic building in evansville, is nestled gloriously near the downtown area of this southwestern indiana city of,000 people, providing a sharp contrast. Victorian gothic in design, the brick building stands two stories tall, with a tower and ornate window arches. More than 110 years old, willard library is the oldest public library building in the state of indiana.

The portrait of willard s daughter, louise carpenter, hangs in the library. Its reopening early this year was a welcome sign of recovery to its patrons. A brief summary of the willard library s spirits that have been captured on webcam. Some haunted libraries have ghost cams set up others will only tell you about their ghosts in hushed tones. Like so many great ghost stories, the one surrounding willard library started in the buildings basement when a custodian saw the ghost of a gray lady when he went down there to stoke the fire in the furnace in 1937.

This year, we had 19 5th graders read all 25 nominated books. This part time, 15 hour per week position is open until filled. We would like to show you a description here but the site wont allow us. Welcome to our paranormal video and news selections which have been selected. Willard staff has enjoyed some great reads and audio books this month. The willard library, located in evansville, indiana, was built in 1881 by william carpenter, known locally as a pioneer of public charity. Carol youngs bought 25 books at the willard library book sale saturday, and shes ready to learn.

Watch a ghost cam from this library in indiana adventure mom. Willard library evansville indiana real haunted place. The willard library was built in 1885 which makes it more than 110 years old. See if you can catch the grey lady ghost in willard library. Willard library s grey lady has become an international sensation and may in fact be the world s most famous library ghost. Please make use of our ebooks and online databases found here on our website. This top captures gallery features the best of the best. At the willard library, we are constantly updating our titles, helping students find just right books, and teaching lessons about digital citizenship. The willard library in evansville, indiana incorporated in 1881 has fully embraced their ghost s. Perhaps youll see our lady in grey as she passes in front of our web cams.

Welcome to the willard library ghost site more than 110 years old, willard library is the oldest public library building in the state of indiana. Grade 5 will be finishing their campaigns for library president this month. The willard library ghost cams were inspired by the question is willard library haunted. The photo above came from one of the library s four ghost cams. Those who follow the spirit world might say there is reason for a presence. One day, we may find out who is haunting the willard library. Places, haunted places, best ghost stories, creepy ghost, real ghosts, spirit world. The ghost of the grey lady in the willard library book riot. Willard library houses a trove of local archives and genealogical materials, in addition to its collection of standard publications.

I have blogged before about my childhood obsession with finding everything ghost related on the internet and filling my commonplace book. At mysterious heartland, we have scoured the pages of books, websites, and. Is the willard library in evansville, indiana haunted. Our libraries include the university library and science library on the uptown campus and the dewey graduate library on the downtown campus, and together, they house more than 2 million print volumes and provide access to hundreds of thousands of online resources. One ghost hunter expert believes that the ghost of a woman who died reading a checked out library book checked in with it when it was returned, and now she haunts the library to this day. A ghost has haunted readers in the willard library of evansville, indiana for decades. She was reading a book, while walking out of the second story staff room. A ghsot foot from willard library ghost cam ghost pictures, creepy pictures, ghost pics. Willard library is committed to creating a community of readers and a world of possibilities. However, louise died in 1908, in newark, nj, 29 years before the first reported sighting of the grey lady.

Willard library hosts yearly tours, and october night tours of the building. Some say she held a grudge against the library and its trustees, and that might explain why she haunts the willard library to this day. Perhaps youll see our lady in grey as she passes in front of our cameras. Willard library s grey lady is the most famous ghost in indiana. The successful candidate for this position will be part of a team which maintains and preserves the oldest library building in the state of indiana, willard library. We do detailed enlargements and analyze each cap before we add them to this top caps area. Images are added to the online database as time and. Willard chooses to take a different route altogether and the reader is in for a ride. The spooky sensation i am referring to is the grey lady of willard s library. However, according to maer mackay of the willard library ghost chatters, they have also uncovered the existence of the spirit of a male child in the basement childrens reading room. In the small dreary town of evansville, indiana, lies the oldest public library in the state. One of the oldest libraries in the hoosier state, its imposing victorian gothic architecture certainly lends itself to ghost stories. Our list of bits of bookish trivia mentions the haunting willard library in passing, but the story, and the spirit, deserve a little more exploration.

Historical photographs of evansville and the tristate area indiana, illinois, and kentucky document an assortment of people, places, and events from the 1870s to the present. The library is the oldest public library building in the state of indiana and is housed in a victorian gothic building in evansville, which is near the downtown area of this southwestern indiana city of,000 people. Well the infamous willard library is the place that has those same effects on other people. Since the early 1870s willard library has been offering books and a library. Our top priority is to support the research, teaching, learning, and engagement missions of the university. Willard library located in evansville, indiana is the oldest library in the stateas of this month it has been a continuous running library for 127 years. Unusual things have been seen and heard there ever since. It is built in the gothic revival style and designed by james w. And keep an eye on the ghostcams to report your own ghost spottings. The library also has the world record for an overdue book on display.

Audiobooks ghost track series book 1 by jason reynolds young adult patina track series book 2 by jason reynolds as someone who has run track for 11 years, i was pleasantly surprised to. The willard library is a private donation library incorporated in 1881 to serve the city of evansville and to carry out the terms of a private trust. The case of the haunted library, or dial m for marketing. In this instance, every ghost is not here to cause havoc but she just wanders. This is the oldest public library building in indiana still in operation after more than 110 years. These are a few of the many ghostly photos that were captured by aedryan methyus at willard library and a report based on the observations he made while watching the cams. Welcome to the university libraries university libraries. Willard library ghost chatters public group facebook. The building has been haunted since at least 1937, when a sighting of the ghost was first reported by the custodian. Willard library is the repository for an estimated 20,000 historical images, many of which are indexed here and are available for online searching and viewing. The grey lady has been seen many times at the willard library over the last century or so.

It all began in 1876 when real estate and railroad mogul willard carpenter began to bring his dream of building a library into fruition. One of my favorite childhood hobbies was watching the willard library ghost cams excessively. Evansville historic photo collection willard library. Willard librarys grey lady is the most famous ghost in indiana. Live, 24hour a day camera inside a haunted library in evansville, indiana.

Dozens of children went toetotoe wednesday at willard library. Does this photo show willard library s infamous grey lady. Top 10 most haunted libraries in the midwest mysterious heartland. To request a bag, contact jade woodridge with your name, library card number, book title, exact pickup date at least two weeks out, and pickup location willard library or the helen warner branch at this. Willard library will be closed until further notice. However, if students cannot find these books because the shelves are in disarray, it. No problem for indoor snowball fight at willard library. It was vividly written and is told through the personal diary entries of willard, starting when he was asked by his mother to kill some rats on their property. The willard library, located in evansville, indiana, was built in 1881 by william. The name of this new blog playfully reflects an important component of this philosophy. Willard library, in battle creek, mi, offers books, dvds, digital.

Why spooky ghost stories keep people coming back to willard library. Spot the spirits at willard library with their 24 hour ghost webcams dana newkirk. Please visit willardlibrary the willard library supports the ongoing education of every student, encouraging lifelong learning and a love of reading. Willard library offers a book club in a bag service with eight paperback copies, and discussion guides if available, for popular titles. Ayman mohyeldin makes the big announcement that msnbc anchor and. Willard library will host authors facebook live talks on our facebook page. It has become a fascinating, and somewhat credible, legend that drives thousands of people to search the library for remnants of lost spirits. Welcome to our new and improved comments, which are for subscribers only. The willard favorite was the lions of little rock by kristen levine. The grey lady and willard library ghost cam watching, grey lady history and personal experiences at willard library. The manifestations in this area range from levitating books, to orbs of light, to being touched and having ones hair stroked. Willard library learning center llc home about parents page birthday books bluestem bingo monarch award books volunteer kids page welcome to the willard llc. Library staff report mysterious shadows, ghostly footsteps and more. Fly around the world in minecraft 1 year world record wacik 2,706 watching live now haunted library with prudence by spectral illusions duration.

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